Beyond the Nosebleeds, formerly known as Sideline Watching, began on May 28, 2018. Our goal is to inform fans of a variety of sports from around the world with news, opinions and helpful insights to create a community of like-minded followers.

Currently, we have 12 permanent writers on the staff, but we’re also looking for more in an effort to provide as much content as possible on each league and sport.

(main sport in parentheses):

Alex Sachar (NFL)

Jason Sall (MLB)
Marty Fenn (MLB)
Michael Consolo (MLB)

Michael Kish (NBA/Fantasy)

Zack Bergen (NCAAF/Fantasy)

Luke Hoyle (EPL)
Taylor Amey (EPL)
Muhammad Chaudhry (EPL/Fantasy)

Mikey McCareins (Bundesliga)

If you are interested in becoming a writer, send an email to with the subject “BTN Writer Application”.

In your application, please include your full name, age, sports interested in writing about, and resume. Please include at least one writing sample (450+ words). As of now, the position would be unpaid.